Allison Oswald

Women's Health Doctor of Physical Therapy


A true visionary in the realm of women’s health, Allison Oswald, PT, DPT, WCS, CPT had the foresight to focus on an area of wellness, which until recently was not as widely known among our culture, and often underappreciated. While attending school to become a board certified physical therapist, Allison discovered a passion for working with women by focusing on the core as a pivotal point for well-being. Through her studies, she recognized a major gap in treatment existed, specifically related to women and women’s health issues.

In 2011 she set up her private clinic, Plumb Line Studios in Santa Monica, CA. From her studio, she works with clients on an individual basis and sets up the proper treatment plan for them, which can also utilize other aspects of her clinic such as Pilates, lymphatic treatments, massage and more. By addressing the connection to the pelvic floor, she is able to profoundly improve her clients’ health and well-being. An area of the body that is often overlooked, the pelvis is the central anatomy from which virtually all other facets of our health operate. Not only is this area the center of proper body mechanics, it acts as the literal core of many women's health related issues. The maintenance of core strength and mobility impacts issues including anorgasmia, loss of bladder control, prenatal and postpartum preparation, and elements of emotional stability. She also works to condition clients to return to intimacy without discomfort.

As a mother herself, Allison finds her passion in working with women who are in their childbearing years and postnatally, as she knows first hand, this area of health can be challenging without the proper support. The physicality of conception and fertility is only one factor. A successful pregnancy and ultimately a healthy postpartum recovery, comes partially from a good connection to the pelvic core. Pregnancy is its own physical feat, but becoming a mother introduces another level of strength for which most women are not conditioned.

For many clients, she starts with education to establish an initial connection and understanding to this part of the body, as awareness is key to pelvic floor connection. In her studio she employs manual manipulation, myofascial release, breath work, visceral manipulation, DNS, light therapy and kinesio taping techniques to name a few. The continued refinement of her work through study and practice achieves profound results. Allison helps women heal, feel inspired and embrace their bodies and the process.

Allison lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and three boys. She is available for speaking engagements and events nationwide.