Bhavin Shah

Co-Founder & CEO of Refresh


Bhavin Shah has over 15 years of experience building companies, assembling great teams, creating quality brands, and shipping product. He is the co-founder and CEO of, a company that gives people the insights they need to make the most out of every meeting and conversation.

Through his work as co-founder and COO at Gazillion Entertainment and in product and business development at LeapFrog, he’s taken companies from inception to scale and from private to public in education, toy, and video game industries. It was while at LeapFrog while working with the Department of Health and Human Services to distribute health education materials in Afghanistan via Leapfrog’s platform that Bhavin got the idea for Refresh. Briefing books that were used by diplomats and officials on that trip inspired him-- information that can spark conversation and deepen our relationships with the people we meet could be distilled in a mobile interface and made available to the rest of us.

Bhavin has a B.S. from the University of California San Diego and an M.A. from Stanford University.