Bill Schley

Co-Founder, BrandTeamSix


Bill Schley is Co-Founder of BrandTeamSix, a brand development firm in Connecticut whose clients range from global corporations to promising start-ups. He is author of Why Johnny Can't Brand (Penguin Hardcover)which won a Best Marketing Book Award from Strategy+Business magazine; and The Micro-Script Rules: It's not what people hear, it's what they repeat. His most recent book isThe UnStoppables: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Power. He is a frequent industry speaker and radio guest. He was a founder and Chief Brand Officer at two successful start-ups in the 90's that became industry dominant brands before sale to a public company. He began as a writer at Ted Bates, the legendary New York Ad Agency where he won the National Effie Award for sales-effective advertising. He later took time out to write a screenplay for 20th Century Fox.