Chris Kuenne

Founder & CEO of Rosemark Smart Capital


Chris began his career as a Brand Manager at Johnson & Johnson, where he ran the $1B TYLENOL franchise. In 1998, Chris founded the digital marketing company Rosetta. Over the subsequent 12 years, he and his team grew Rosetta to reach $250M in annual revenues and 1,200 employees. Rosetta was acquired by the Publicis Groupe for $575M in 2011.

In 2014, he founded Rosemark Capital, to invest in founding teams that seek growth capital to accelerate enterprise value by driving customer engagement. He teaches High-Tech Entrepreneurship at Princeton University, and is writing a business book in collaboration with UC-Berkley professor John Danner, based on Rosemark’s in-house research on the relation between entrepreneurs’ personalities and the growth of their enterprises.

Chris graduated from Princeton with a B.A. in History and holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He lives in Princeton, NJ with his wife and three sons.