Dafna Michaelson

JourneyWoman Founder, Pioneer, Volunteer


Dafna Michaelson is the founder, president and JourneyWoman for the 50 in 52 Journey, a non-profit project for which she traveled across America to all 50 states and Washington DC spanning the 52 weeks of 2009 to find America’s problem solvers and idea generators. Prior to starting her 50 in 52 Journey, Dafna was the Director of Volunteer Services and Patient Information for Denver Health and Hospitals Authority. Through her role, Dafna has increased active volunteer participation by 44% and recently became credentialed as a Certified Administrator of Volunteer Services, an American Hospital Association Designation.

She traveled to one state each week and interviewed ordinary people who do extraordinary deeds to change their communities and then share their stories to inspire others. The 50 in 52 Journey believes in the pioneer spirit which has been dormant for a long time, a just-do-it spirit that “prepares the way for others.” This year, Dafna Michaelson was listed among CNN.com’s Intriguing People for her accomplishments mobilizing and inspiring “good news” across the United States.