Erika Bloom

Founder of Erika Bloom Pilates


Wellness pioneer Erika Bloom is known around the world for her transformative method that begins with movement-based healing to restore holistic balance to the body and mind.

Her thoughtful approach honors how your body functions naturally while offering an invitation to extend that awareness to all aspects of your life from nutrition and daily routine to mindfulness and how you breathe.

Erika’s wellness journey began in childhood growing up in California, near Caltech, in Pasadena. Her family was very science-minded, dedicated to natural living, and committed to a food as medicine lifestyle.

Her love of movement as healing began early in life. She spent most of her time outdoors in nature climbing trees, running through the woods, hiking and camping. She practiced yoga with her family. Eventually, dance became her principal focus.

Shortly after she began studying with the Houston Ballet, she discovered Pilates to help heal her injuries from scoliosis and the hours of movement each day.

At 19, Erika moved to New York City to continue a career in post-modern dance. After suffering a back injury, doctors treated her with Western medicine. She wasn’t improving and put her dancing on pause.

During that time she veered from the healthy natural foods of her childhood and was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disorder manifesting in ovarian cysts, acne and digestive issues. She remembered her mother and grandmother having autoimmune issues, and in order to restore her health, she went back to her roots and started to think about food and life differently.

She began teaching movement classes and continued to explore alternative types of movement, functional medicine and eastern philosophies and found a wealth of knowledge that provided deep relief. She turned to science-based bodywork like Structural Integration and zero balancing to realign her spine, tone her vagus nerve and stimulate her lymph flow again. She used acupuncture and holistic movement to address fascia lines and organ function. She discovered that healing movement is essential to hormone balance, biome and overall homeostasis.

From that experience Erika wanted to share the healing she found with others and gained an advanced Pilates certification in 2001. She explored a career in medicine, but at the time, the medical field wasn’t yet embracing alternative complementary medicine.

She immersed herself even more deeply in her studies in plentiful other methods like Feldenkrais, Franklin, Bartenieff, Klein, Alexander, therapeutic yoga, neuromuscular repatterning, fascial balancing, healing movement and nutrition.

Inspired by the knowledge she cultivated from her certifications, science-based education and personal experiences, she launched her method with the opening of her first studio nearly two decades ago in 2003.

Through the experience of working with the thousands of clients who came through her door, Erika grew her method to be not just movement but also as a guide to help them manage their health holistically. She created a complete team for her community that included support through nutrition, wellness-based living, structural integration, acupuncture and meditation, combined with her own method of Essential Movement.

With a focus on the integrity of the teaching, she opened a certification school in 2010, and created the comprehensive 600+ hour Erika Bloom Method Certification Course.

She went on to open many studios around the globe including Los Angeles, the Hamptons, and Turks and Caicos.

In addition to teaching, Erika is called upon as an expert to speak and write about healthy movement and has been featured in publications like Goop, Forbes and Vogue.

With the birth of her two children, Erika re-embraced her own method. As she fell back in love with it herself, she felt how necessary and healing it was and wanted to help new mothers. She is deeply passionate about postpartum recovery including diastasis recti correction and natural birth, and works with charitable partners who support moms.

Erika believes that it is important to meet your body where it is and is devoted to continuously enlightening the Erika Bloom Method to help you care for yourself in any phase of life, and at every age.