Munjal Shah

Co-Founder and CEO of Health IQ


Munjal Shah is the Co-Founder and CEO of Health IQ. Based in San Francisco, the team's mission to increase the world's health literacy. The startup's daily quizzes and active community finds, celebrates, and further educates health conscious individuals. 

Prior to starting Health IQ, Munjal was the founder of Andale (acquired by Alibaba) and (acquired by Google). 

In addition to his role as a founder, Munjal is an advisor and investor. He works with startups such as: Meebo (sold to Google), Auytpma (sold to Oracle), Blindsight (sold to Amazon), Digital Jones (sold to Dealtime), RocketFuel (NASDAQ: Fuel), Gyft (sold to FirstData), MesmoTV (sold to GSN), Lynx (sold to Google), Swell (sold to Apple), Kabam, TaskRabbit, Bitium, Counsyl, Dovetail Health, Grid Mobile, Flipora, Interaxon (maker of the Muse), Iodine, Labdoor,, ThirdLove, MaiCoin, Piquora, Pubmatic, PunchTab, Hightail (formerly Yousendit), Pylba, Refresh, Reify, Rosemeta, Scopely, Sona Health, Spot On, uBiome, Vidura, Wildflower Health, Workalytics, and Zineone.