Robb Myer

President & Chief Product Officer at NoWait


Robb Myer is the President and Chief Product Officer of NoWait, the first and only mobile network for casual-dining restaurants, which he founded in 2010. Since launching the company, NoWait has grown from seating 700,000 guests every month to 5 million, and more than 50 million overall. In early 2014, NoWait launched its consumer-facing guest app, which is now available at casual-dining restaurants in all 50 states and in every major metropolitan area across the country.

Outside of the office, Robb is a frequent speaker at Carnegie Mellon University, his alma mater, and an active advisor to emerging start-ups at AlphaLab and Startup Weekend. He also has authored two patent-pending innovations for his product developments at NoWait. A highly sought-after industry expert, he has been interviewed for Entrepreneur Magazine, BloombergFox News and NPR.