Sasha Dichter

Chief Innovation Officer at Acumen Fund


Sasha Dichter is the Chief Innovation Officer of Acumen fund andalso a noted speaker and blogger on generosity, philanthropy and social change, the author of the Manifesto for Nonprofit CEOs, and the creator of Generosity Day 2011. His talks have been featured on best of the Web and he has been recognized as an Innovation Agent by Fast Company magazine and as a top 10 Business Bloggers by Say 100 Media. As the Chief Innovation Officer of Acumen fund and is responsible for growing the impact of Acumen Fund's work through the investment in leaders and the spread of ideas.In his previous role at Acumen as Director of Business Development, Sasha led global capital raising for Acumen Fund, including executing a successful $100M capital raise, serving as the point person for Acumen Fund's Partner community, and heading up global partnerships for Acumen Fund including global expansion.