Yuri Elkaim

Fitness Expert and Coach


Yuri Elkaim is the Owner & Founder of Total Wellness Consulting. Yuri is regarded by many as Canada’s top fitness and wellness expert. A frequent contributor to health and wellness publications and a highly sought after speaker, Yuri is the author of ground breaking book – Eating for Energy. His approach to health and fitness is all about balance, both physically and mentally, and achieving one’s true potential. Through properly prescribed functional exercise, alkalizing & energy nutrition programs, and attention to the inner person, Yuri has helped thousands of individuals reach new heights and achieve a greater quality of life. His training specialties include core conditioning, full-body functional training, sport-specific training, weight loss focused circuit training, muscle building, strength and power training, group training, and prehab. His nutritional approach revolves around alkalizing and energizing the body through living, fresh, and enzyme-rich foods. Yuri believes that most (if not all) ailments can be prevented and/or healed through the application of this philosophy. Before founding Total Wellness Consulting, Yuri enjoyed playing professional soccer for 3 years, in Canada with the Toronto Lynx (USL/A-League) and in France with Lille OSC (1st division). He was also a 2-time All-Canadian with the University of Toronto Men’s Soccer team before acting as the Head Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition Coach for the nationally ranked University of Toronto Men’s Soccer program.

At Total Wellness Consulting, Canada’s leader in developing innovative fitness and nutrition programs and technologies Yuri Elkaim and his team of experts are helping people reach their wellness goals. The company is also the first to market in Canada with fitness workouts for iPods/MP3 players.

A great place to watch Yuri Elkam in action besides his website is his video channel on YouTube.