Zak Williams

Co-founder and CEO of PYM


Zak Williams, son of late actor Robin Williams, is the co-founder and CEO of PYM, a mental wellness company rooted in the belief that there is a world where someone can be the best version of themselves simply by establishing easy daily rituals that help support their mind and overall wellbeing. Having over 5 years of experience as a global mental health advocate, Zak is passionate about developing best-in-class products that provide effective methods for alleviating anxiety, and sharing his personal story and experiences with mental wellness in an effort to remove the stigma and address the challenges associated with mental health topics. Zak is a US trustee of the international advocacy organization United for Global Mental Health, a board member of mental health awareness non-profit Bring Change 2 Mind, an advisor to national policy organization Inseparable, and the mental health tech platform Project Healthy Minds. 

Formerly, Zak was COO of the recommendation platform Crossing Minds, the Director of Business Development for media company Condé Nast, and the marketing lead for gaming and media platform N3TWORK. He received an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA from New York University where he majored in Linguistics.