Designing Executive Checklists

In late 2009, general surgeon, Atul Gawande gave us a glimpse of why world-class surgeons, pilots, and architects rely on checklists to minimize errors and ensure maximum efficiency. He opened my eyes to why routine errors are made and why it’s far too easy for even the most competent...

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How Navy Seals Do the Impossible

In my sophomore year of college, one of my closest friends opted to forgo school and give the military a shot. Josh and I grew up together, starting out in soccer, before we quickly learned that football was our true calling. Neither of us had played pop warner, but we loved the game so much that in...

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How to Give and Receive Feedback

Research continues to indicate that in addition to having clear goals, and a healthy dose of challenge, direct and immediate feedback is one of the essential components of optimal performance, or as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi popularized, the state of ‘flow.’ Such a state may be rare for...

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Want to Start a Business?

It’s been well documented that the most successful entrepreneurs are those eager to find novel solutions to their most nagging problems. In 2007, when Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky needed extra cash, they came up with the idea of renting out three airbeds on their living-room floor for an upcoming...

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Living Like a Minimalist

One of the more important life habits that I’m especially proud of has to do with giving a similar item away each time I acquire anything new. Whether it’s material possessions or the gifts of life; this simple practice gives me a sense of fulfillment that life is less about consumption, and much more about...

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