October's Starting Line Up

From coding schools to visual shopping apps, and Fortune 50 companies October was an incredibly special month in the 33voices community. Here are the conversations that had our viewers talking this month:

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Out Thinking Your Competition

Have you every wondered what it might be like to work at Google, Amazon, or Salesforce? Chances are, you’d be challenged to think bigger, act quicker and never, ever give up your dream of changing the world. It’s no surprise that all three of these work environments are as demanding as they are inspiring...

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Why Weekend Language Trumps Business Talk

I’m often puzzled when I hear someone distinguish the act of delivering a presentation from mere communication. It’s clear that the former requires thorough preparation, extended research, and deliberate practice while the latter is simply part of getting through life. As a society, we glorify great communicators...

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How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

Scott Adams is the quintessential overnight success story. He’s been relentlessly working on his craft since 1989, he’s drawn over 9000 comic strips, and he’s failed many more times than he’s succeeded - still for him, success is a deliberate strategy of ‘managing his opportunities in a way that would...

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Rewire Your Brain

At the end of each day, I pause for two minutes to write down the five things that made that particular day worthwhile. This simple exercise called, The Positive Focus, was created by Dan Sullivan to help his entrepreneurial clients focus less on perfection and more on the progress that they’re...

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Humble Inquiry

I learned long ago that the best answer to almost any question is another question. Not only does it force you to think deeper about the issue at hand, more importantly, it almost always challenges current assumptions. The best leaders I know make an art of asking questions; to them, a great question is...

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The Other Side of Everything

One of the many stories that continually links the Nordstrom brand with service excellence is the tale of one customer's attempt to return two snow tires to its Fairbanks, Alaska location despite the department store never having sold anything but upscale clothing. Nordstrom, which opened its doors in...

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