Thinking In New Boxes

One of the great fallacies in life, is the confirmation bias - our tendency to interpret new information in ways that confirm our existing theories and beliefs. In our interview with Rolf Dobelli, he shared a simple example...

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The Best Career Advice

A few years ago, I caught a glimpse of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett sharing the stage, town hall style, with a group of graduating seniors to discuss business, career and life advice. Gates talked about the blessing he gained when his parents challenged him to extend his comfort zone, and to do things that...

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Die Empty

The day I finished reading Todd Henry's latest book, Die Empty, I got a short tweet from @googleventures that simply read, "A tribute to entrepreneurs..." It linked to a short, 90 second video ‪celebrating those who live curiously, and leaving us with a wise reminder that, "when you're about...

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The Execution Shortcut

Garry Kasparov is perhaps the greatest chess player of all time. For nearly 20 years, from 1986 until his retirement in 2005, he was ranked No. 1 in the world by Elo rating; and despite not being mentioned in the same vain as the great athletes of our time, few would rival his work ethic. In studying ...

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True Story

A good business always improves the lives of its customers, but a great one is embedded in everything they do. Think for a moment about the brands that you choose to make part of your life from the food that you eat to the lifestyle you lead, its likely that your choice of products perfectly align...

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The Value of Debt

One of the great misconceptions about money is the notion that all debt is harmful. No one will deny that high interest credit card debt is toxic, yet when you consider the tax advantages inherent in mortgage debt for example, you can certainly see why financing your primary residence is considered...

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Money: A love story

Having spend a quarter of a century in Finance, Ive seen the good, bad and the ugly of peoples relationship with money. Theres tremendous misconception about the role money plays in our lives, and most of it is self-inflicted. Far too many of us believe that money buys...

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Compelling People

One of the great privileges of my life has been the opportunity to coach my son, Adam'sPop Warner Football team during the three years that he played. Not only was it an incredible bonding experience; more importantly, it was an opportunity to embark on a meaningful goal, to...

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The Collaboration Economy

On July 30, 2012 the world got a glimpse of just how sick its planet really is. On that blistering summer day, nearly 10% of the world's population, or 670 million people lost electricity along the northern corridor ofIndia. This was the largest power outage in recorded history, and over the...

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Mission In A Bottle

The story of Honest Tea is one of passion, grit, and smarts. When the young student,Seth Goldman,emailed his wise former professor at Yale, Barry Nalebuffabout that idea for a less sweet beverage; both had a hunch that there was a big void in the beverage space. That passion was...

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