The Leadership Driving Coolhaus’ Ice Cream Empire

“The earth is craving people who try to be revolutionary, push the envelope, and take risks,” Natasha Case shared, reflecting on her time as a student at Berkeley. An architect by trade, the first step Natasha takes to fulfill this calling is physically drawing her vision.

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Common Founder Brad Hargreaves Shares How His Time at General Assembly Inspired Him to Reimagine Co-Living

Albert Wegner, a partner at Union Square Ventures, recently wrote a moving post about finding and living our purpose. Despite the question ‘What is your purpose?’ proposing deep self-reflection, a challenge he dually recognizes, Albert’s writing inspired me to ask the guests who join me on 33founders the same question. As 33founders has evolved, my highest goal is to give individuals an opportunity to share their lives outside of their title; Unveiling their desires as well as the drive that keep them awake at night.

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How Camille Ricketts is Building a How-To Manual for Startups

One of the most impactful insights I’ve learned from the First Round Review stemmed from Heidi Roizen when she urged an audience of Stanford students to leave room for good and random things to happen to them. Heidi, an investor at DFJ Venture, is one of Camille Ricketts’ idols who wrote the piece, “8 Rare Gems from Heidi Roizen on Building a Fulfilling Life and Career” simply because the presentation inspired her.

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My Lesson on Giving Back From The 2015 Launch Festival

The first picture on Park House Academy’s kindergarten roster is a round face with uncontainable curls and missing teeth. Below it reads: ‘Jenna Abdou - Teacher.’ Twelve years later my teaching plans turned into profiling startups on 33founders and as I tuned into the 2015 Launch Festival this week I couldn’t be more grateful.

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How to Come to Terms With The Unknown

When I was 17, my friend asked me if I ever wondered about the meaning of life. Essentially, he explained, he was inquiring if I knew why we were here and what we needed to do to be happy. Taking that my teenage self was more concerned with figuring out how to get my AP Lit teacher to respect me even the slightest bit, I told him I wasn’t sure and we moved on.

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Our Right to Be Heard

In the words of Oprah, we all have “aha” moments. My aha moment came on a warm August afternoon, sitting in a crowded classroom in Seaver Hall. Professor Oliver, who later became my mentor, started our Rhetoric of Women class with a simple, but life-changing question: Are you heard?

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