Founders First: Why People > Ideas

Mo Koyfman is a burger making champion. Three-time winner of the Burger Bloodbath, he credits the success of the legendary Mo Burger to “simplicity and uniformity.” “It’s just the right balance of salty, sour, savory, and sweet - The Unami, so to say,” he explained.

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How a Cold Email Shaped Adam Besvinick’s Career as an Investor

I recently had an inspiring conversation with Brooke Hammerling, the Founder of Brew Media Relations, where she shared stories about the Web 1.0 era in Silicon Valley. The common theme among her mentors, in particular, Larry Ellison and the late Dave Goldberg, was that they always gave time. “You never felt like you were asking anything burdensome,” she said.

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Why Your Team is Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

Growing up the Torrey athletic motto, yes my high school mascot is a tree, was ‘The team! The team! The team!’ Hardly athletically gifted, I never quite understood the sentiment; Especially, when our football team would chant it in the huddle. Why couldn’t we channel the Mighty Titans instead?

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The Birth of Red Sea Ventures

Kevin Colleran, Founder of Slow Ventures and one of Facebook’s first 10 employees, recently explained to Babson’s graduating Class of 2015 that it’s more beneficial to prepare than it is to plan. Despite the tingling desire to anticipate our experiences, planning your life on an 8” by 11” blank sheet of paper is as productive as eating chocolate cake without the frosting.

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Rough Draft Ventures Serves as the Catalyst for Student Entrepreneurs' Success

Five years ago Peter Boyce II started Harvard’s first accelerator program, HackHarvard, and the university’s first venture fund, Harvard College Venture Partners. Described by his current partner Nitesh Banta, as an “amazing source to bring students together in the Boston community,” Peter served as the Co-Founder and President of both organizations.

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Nikhil Basu Trivedi Shares An Inside Look Into Life as a VC

One of my favorite April reads is Nikhil Basu Trivedi and Tod Francis’ piece, “What did Billion Dollar Companies Look Like at Their Series A?” Nikhil and Tod, investors at Shasta Ventures, studied 25 billion dollar companies, plus seven that are on their way, to uncover similarities between unicorns like Pinterest and Instagram during the early days.

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Richard Kerby on Life as an Investor and Increasing Diversity in Tech

The most important lesson I learned this year is that fundraising is a lot more difficult than the shiny, “Livefyre Scores Funding from Salesforce and Adobe,” headline implies. When we first started 33founders, I was in awe of founders who raised capital. I’d excitedly announce their Series A or Series B to congratulate them. They’d thank me, and we’d move on.

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