x.ai Unveils the Future of Artificial Intelligence

When Dennis R. Mortensen hired his founding team members at x.ai, he pitched them by illustrating his vision of a world where everyone has a personal assistant to schedule their meetings. Recognizing the complexity of the challenge, he concluded by saying: “We may die trying.”

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Kano Turns Makers into Stars

As I sit to write this article, I’m surrounded by four connected devices: Two laptops, a smartphone, and a tablet. There are five more in the adjacent room and five upstairs. A total of 13 for four people. Aside from basic functions like searching, and uploading we possess little ability to use them. Let alone a mild indication of how they work.

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Kleiner Perkins is "Changing the Future" with Edge

If you ask Anjney Midha what he’s working on he’s likely to give you a multifaceted answer: Discovering emerging technology (think computer vision and digital health), developing a side virtual reality project, programming, and supporting founders. Despite his official title being Founding Partner of Edge, Anjney is far from your typical venture investor.

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Cultivating the Courage to Take the Buzzer Shot

Each time I challenge my dad’s insight to “enjoy the process,” he reminds me,“It doesn’t matter how many home runs I hit. It matters how many times I step up to the plate.” The sentiment echoes the advice my friend William King, the Founder and CEO of Zephyr Health, gives to young startups: Fire a lot of bullets and then shoot the canon.

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9 Tips to Simplify UX

The first time Chase showed me a mock up of our homepage I told him it looked great and that I was excited see the final product at the end of the week. Eager to see the new design, I was disappointed that the new features weren’t up on Friday and shocked that they would take a few weeks to implement.

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October's Starting Line Up

From coding schools to visual shopping apps, and Fortune 50 companies October was an incredibly special month in the 33voices community. Here are the conversations that had our viewers talking this month:

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