The Business Case for Joy

One of the great management lessons that I learned early in my career can be captured by this simple metaphor - Running a business is like riding a bike; the moment you stop peddling, you’ll fall off. Certainly, that’s as applicable to life as it is to business, still unless you create the conditions...

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The Idea-Driven Organization

One of the more memorable highlights of my leadership journey took place at a study group meeting in the early 90s when a friend arranged a conversation for the five of us with Peter Drucker. At that time, each of us were in our early 20s, and had been in management less than three...

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The Myths of Creativity

There are far too many facets of Amazon.com’s relentless innovation factory, but always toping that list is their people; particularly their founder, Jeff Bezos. At the Seattle’s behemoth, it’s always ‘day one’, which translates to a culture that rewards creativity, invention, and a never-ending...

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Conversational Intelligence

As a favor for a friend, I agreed to meet with a venture capitalist today who's in the process of transitioning from Washington, D.C. to San Diego. Ironically, our visit took place shortly after an insightful conversation with communications maven, Judith Glaser. I arrived a bit early and started to deconstruct...

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Remote - Office Not Required

One of the great privileges of being an entrepreneur is the freedom to design a business that’s not only anchored in your personal beliefs; more importantly, one that ignites greatness in everyone around you...

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The Other Side of Everything

One of the many stories that continually links the Nordstrom brand with service excellence is the tale of one customer's attempt to return two snow tires to its Fairbanks, Alaska location despite the department store never having sold anything but upscale clothing. Nordstrom, which opened its doors in...

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The Power of Why

One of the most popular talks ever at TED is Simon Sinek’s 2009 talk - How great leaders inspire action. In it, he demonstrates the simple formula that distinguishes how the likes of Apple and Martin Luther...

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Thinking In New Boxes

One of the great fallacies in life, is the confirmation bias - our tendency to interpret new information in ways that confirm our existing theories and beliefs. In our interview with Rolf Dobelli, he shared a simple example...

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Think Like a Futurist

In early October, Samsung got a leg up on Motorola, Nokia, HTC and Apple by launching the first of its kind smart watch for commercial use - the Galaxy Gear. As with any new technology, it's far from perfect, but the marketing behind it is infectious. Their 60 second spots takes us back in time to the make...

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Pharmacy on a Bicycle

The healthcare epidemic facing the United States, and the world for that matter, is inescapable - and, for the few who will benefit from the recent changes; millions more are bound to suffer. Despite being one of the most advanced economies, the U.S. still ranks near the bottom in health care...

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