Smarter Than You Think

When 15 year-old Jack Andraka stepped on the TED stage to share his discovery of a pancreatic cancer detector, little did he know that he was becoming the voice of a new generation. To those who know him, Jack is an ordinary high school student whose extraordinary curiosity was ignited when...

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The Perception of Perception

One of the great joys of life for me is having great conversations with people doing important work in the world. Its what anchors everything I do and is certainly the driving force behind the amazing roster of thinkers that makeup the 33voices platform. Early in my professional career, I built an insane...

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Solving Problems with Design Thinking

Next time you're looking for a fresh solution to an important problem; try this approach commit to staying within the realm of the problem before diving into a quick solution and start by asking a trigger question that might provoke a deeper conversation around the real crux of the problem. Some of the most...

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TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs

If you're a non-technical entrepreneur with the zest of building a technology related business, you'd be well served to engage a technical advisor from day one. As entrepreneurs, none of us are immune to mistakes or missteps, but for the majority of us lacking a technology background, technical...

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Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined

One of the more memorable learning moments of my professional career came in August of 1991 when an individual who I had hired just a few month earlier, shared some deeply personal information with me. Despite having attended a prominent liberal arts school in the Mid-Atlantic, he wanted his first...

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Unrelenting Innovation

Earlier this month, I was asked to facilitate a discussion group session with 25 highly accomplished entrepreneurs on the topic of innovation. The individuals were dynamic and the topic was broad; but for this group of innovators; their life's mantra was to 'innovate or die'; so I was inspired...

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The Creative You

Every one of us is an artist; the problem, however, is that far too many of us choose not to acknowledge it. During the early part of my professional career in finance, I was encouraged to think logically, which meant ignoring the creative side of my brain. It wasn't until I stumbled upon Stanford Professor...

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Disrupt! Think Epic. Be Epic

When I'm in need of a creative spark, one of the places I turn to for inspiration is the design consultancy, IDEO. Their founder, the brilliant David Kelley, built a company that not only reinvents brands, but more importantly, one that helps each of us rediscover what he calls, our creative...

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The O.C.D. Experience

I have great admiration for those who lead simple lives they rarely get rattled, they always find time to help others, and many are pursuing noble aspirations. In their essays on simplicity, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus tell us that by embracing a minimalist lifestyle...

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The Reversal of Desire

What would you do if you weren't afraid? if you're like the rest of us, chances are, you might take a bit more risk; perhaps set more daring goals? or best of all, start to have an unshakable faith in your abilities. Regardless, fear is one of those inescapable emotions...

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