How Inclusion Made Food52 the Web’s Hungriest Community

Before launching Food52, Amanda Hesser, and Merrill Stubbs spent their nights and weekends testing over 1,400 recipes for The Essential New York Times Cookbook: Classic Recipes for a New Century. The experience laid the foundation for their co-founder relationship which is as fluid as the ebbs and flows of two chefs collaborating in the kitchen.

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Inside Story: Rachel Shechtman's Living Lab

When Rachel Shechtman was a little girl, she’d beg her babysitter to spend just two more minutes in each store they visited. “Come here. Come here. Come here,” the six-year-old would say, pleading not to leave. “I have to show you something!” She never asked to buy what she saw. She simply wanted to share interesting products and tell stories about them.

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Jewelbots Friendship Bracelets Make Coding Fun for Teenage Girls

My fondest childhood memories are the countless businesses my best friend Chelsea, and I started. From advertising our dog walking service as her Golden Retrievers dragged us across the neighborhood to The Teen Inside Scoop, (as if we were even a fraction cool enough to give advice), we were raised to believe that we could create anything.

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Gin Lane Pioneers the Future of Connected Commerce

What do Warby Parker, Shake Shack, and Micheal Kors have in common? They’ve all partnered with Gin Lane, the digital creative agency powering consumer experiences we immediately text our friends about. Located in Chinatown — an eclectic area that reflects the agency’s reach - Gin Lane works with top brands to create cohesive interactions spanning our mobile, online and physical experiences.

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Cultivating the Courage to Take the Buzzer Shot

Each time I challenge my dad’s insight to “enjoy the process,” he reminds me,“It doesn’t matter how many home runs I hit. It matters how many times I step up to the plate.” The sentiment echoes the advice my friend William King, the Founder and CEO of Zephyr Health, gives to young startups: Fire a lot of bullets and then shoot the canon.

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The Startup Empowering Anyone to Be an Entrepreneur

'I don’t always host interviews, but when I do,' they’re with companies breaking the barriers of entrepreneurship. You’re probably wondering why I started today’s post with a commercial I’m not nearly funny enough to reference. Taking that I’m typically the only person who laughs at my jokes you have a right to be curious.

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The Ghost of a Good Night Sleep

Whether it be your favorite Soul Cycle class, your morning cupcake (dessert lovers unite!) or the Netflix show you crave through work we each have rituals that can make or break our days. Two of mine are getting eight hours of sleep and collecting Christmas pajama sets. Thus it's no surprise that I was naturally attracted to the work Casper is doing to maximize the 26 years we spend in bed.

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