Seedling Relies on Childhood Curiosity to Inspire a Creative Team

On a recent flight home, I spent over an hour browsing a children’s play website, completely enamored by sets like Design Your Own Superhero Cape and Invent Your Own Insects. After sharing Seedling with everyone I know, despite few of my friends having children, I wondered why the brand struck a such a meaningful chord with me.

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How to Make Flexibility Your Startup’s North Star

When Alexis Maybank discusses how photographers utilize Project September - an app making the visual world instantaneously shoppable - she describes it as a “living portfolio where they can unlock new relationships with viewers.” The demographic is different than the fashion bloggers and influencers the New York-based team expected.

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WeFestival Aims to Make Women Stronger Entrepreneurs

Since launching in December 13,000 messages have been sent across 22 channels in the Women’s Entrepreneur Festival Slack community. Ranging from questions about beta-testing to fundraising, or simply asking for advice, the community thrives on WeFestival’s founding mission to fulfill women’s unique need to connect and be heard.

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How PowerToFly is Designing the Future of Work

In Katharine Zaleski’s letter ‘I'm sorry to all the mothers I worked with’ - Fortune magazine’s most popular article of 2015 - she describes the traditional workplace as “death by a thousand cuts for mothers;” Detailing the harsh challenges women face scaling their careers once they have children.

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How to Ignite Your Team's Superpowers

As the dire need for diversity pulsates through the startup community, HoneyBook is among the rare companies comprised of 60% women. When I acknowledged Shadiah Sigala and Oz Alon's, two of the company’s founders, proactive approach to company building, they surprised me by redefining diversity.

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Maintain Your Company's Pulse: Four Processes to Streamline Scaling

When the founders of Hotwire reflect on launching one of the first online travel websites in 2000 they describe the early days as “complete and utter chaos. We raised $75 million, hired 100 people and grew as quickly as we could,” Gregg Brockway, the company’s former Chief Product Officer, said. Hotwire was acquired by Expedia in 2003, where Gregg and his co-founders Eric Grosse, Karl Peterson, and Spencer Rascoff remained to lead the team.

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Why Focusing on Process Over Outcome Predicates Startup Success

Since launching in 2009, SmartyPants Vitamins has created five, first of their kind all-in-one gummy vitamins, secured distribution with thousands of national retailers, and provided 1.6 million vitamin grants for children through their partnership with Vitamin Angels. Despite charting a new path for the broken vitamins industry, SmartyPants Co-founder, and Co-CEO Courtney Nichols Gould is less focused on the company’s outcomes than she is the team that’s making them happen.

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theBoardlist Accelerates Gender Diversity in the Boardroom

When Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Founder of Joyus, announced theBoardlist- a hand-selected marketplace of qualified female board members - in July 2015 I sent her an email thanking her for inspiring me to serve on the board of a public or private company. Specifically saying, “I can’t wait to be on that list.”

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