How Grovo Scaled Their Engineering Team From 8 to 30 People in Under a Year

There is a critical shift for every team when they transition from functioning like a family to operating like an organization. The turning point is a make it or break it for startups; Either you scale the mountain, or you crumble trying. Nick Narodny recently experienced this undercurrent at his company Grovo where he grew the five-year-old startup’s engineering team from eight to 30 individuals in 2015.

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The Team Powering Klarna's American Charge

In a recent interview with Grovo Founder and CEO Jeff Fernandez, he exposed me to the “critical step, that starts and doesn’t stop, of recruiting, motivating, and retaining your executive team.” After having an in-depth conversation with Jeff, I was eager to learn how other organizations approach developing their senior team members.

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The Inquisitive Culture Powering Betterment's Success

When Betterment Co-founder and CEO Jon Stein toured a pre-school for his daughter Sasha, he encountered a teaching philosophy that aligns with the leadership values shaping his seven-year-old company. At the New York City school, when students ask questions the teachers try not to answer them. Instead, they ask the questions back.

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How to Navigate Hyper-Growth as a Founder

The last Spartan Race Jeff Wald participated in included two barbed wire crawls. Despite snow still being on the ground, the obstacles are mandatory to complete. The slopes take no prisoners. “It’s a quarter of a mile. Specifically done in an area that’s covered in gravel,” he explained.

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