How Clover Health's Culture is Redefining Health Insurance

In 2008, Kris Gale was one of the founding members of Yammer’s engineering team. He stayed with the company for six years as VP of Engineering where he grew the team from three people to over 200.As Kris transitioned his department from operating like a family to a real organization, he kept a single question in mind:

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Growing Up as CEO: How Jeff Fernandez is Shaping Grovo's Next Chapter

Before building Grovo, the leading workplace learning solution in 190 countries, Jeff Fernandez was an exceptional football player. An All-State punter and placekicker at Harvard University, he went on to play semi-pro for the New York Rebels in 2008. Jeff’s core learning from the game stems from his high school football coach, Jim Wickman...

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The Immeasurable Value of Leading With Vision

“We’re constantly asked: Did you ever think that the company would be this big? Or, that you would be getting into this business and have these lines?,” Katherine Power, shared, reflecting on the evolution of Clique Media Group. “The truth is: Yes, I did,” the Co-founder and CEO of what many deem to be an “online empire,” said.

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The Leadership Driving Coolhaus’ Ice Cream Empire

“The earth is craving people who try to be revolutionary, push the envelope, and take risks,” Natasha Case shared, reflecting on her time as a student at Berkeley. An architect by trade, the first step Natasha takes to fulfill this calling is physically drawing her vision.

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Culture Starts At the Top

My go-to advice for startup culture stemmed from Greenhouse Co-founder and CEO Daniel Chait when he discussed the importance of maintaining a cohesive community through scale. As Greenhouse navigates hyper-growth, he outlined the importance of founders shifting their culture from an implicit one to an explicit one once they hit 50 team members.

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The Scientific Case For Happiness: How to Rewire Your Brain and Take Control of Your Life

In an average day, I convince myself that I have at least three disorders. I am a self-diagnosed hypochondriac. Yes, I see the irony here. Ranging from the serious - Will these voices in my head ever stop? - to the non-serious - Why did I ask that interview question? - I often engage in what Paige Craig, an investor at Arena Ventures, has identified as “Creative Destruction.”

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The Crucial Case for Founders to Detach: Why Realizing Her Business Isn't Her Lifeblood Made Kellee Khalil a Stronger CEO

Each time I have a conversation with my friend Kellee Khalil, the Founder and CEO of Loverly, I walk away a more well-rounded individual. Whether it’s watching her light up as she talks about her nieces and nephews or hearing the fire in her voice when she discusses Loverly’s work executing WWD - Wedding World Domination - she always motivates me to make my dreams a reality and to never take no for an answer.

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8 Leadership Lessons from Boxed Founder & CEO Chieh Huang

The most accurate leadership lesson I’ve learned stemmed from Jonah Peretti when he shared that companies are a direct reflection of their founders. Chieh Huang, the Co-founder and CEO of Boxed, represents Jonah’s insight more than any founder I know. His unwavering commitment to positively impact each person he meets is contagious. Only minutes into our conversation, I instantly wanted to work at Boxed.

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