WeFestival Aims to Make Women Stronger Entrepreneurs

Since launching in December 13,000 messages have been sent across 22 channels in the Women’s Entrepreneur Festival Slack community. Ranging from questions about beta-testing to fundraising, or simply asking for advice, the community thrives on WeFestival’s founding mission to fulfill women’s unique need to connect and be heard.

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How PowerToFly is Designing the Future of Work

In Katharine Zaleski’s letter ‘I'm sorry to all the mothers I worked with’ - Fortune magazine’s most popular article of 2015 - she describes the traditional workplace as “death by a thousand cuts for mothers;” Detailing the harsh challenges women face scaling their careers once they have children.

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theBoardlist Accelerates Gender Diversity in the Boardroom

When Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Founder of Joyus, announced theBoardlist- a hand-selected marketplace of qualified female board members - in July 2015 I sent her an email thanking her for inspiring me to serve on the board of a public or private company. Specifically saying, “I can’t wait to be on that list.”

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The Immeasurable Value of Leading With Vision

“We’re constantly asked: Did you ever think that the company would be this big? Or, that you would be getting into this business and have these lines?,” Katherine Power, shared, reflecting on the evolution of Clique Media Group. “The truth is: Yes, I did,” the Co-founder and CEO of what many deem to be an “online empire,” said.

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Jewelbots Friendship Bracelets Make Coding Fun for Teenage Girls

My fondest childhood memories are the countless businesses my best friend Chelsea, and I started. From advertising our dog walking service as her Golden Retrievers dragged us across the neighborhood to The Teen Inside Scoop, (as if we were even a fraction cool enough to give advice), we were raised to believe that we could create anything.

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Why Your Team is Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

Growing up the Torrey athletic motto, yes my high school mascot is a tree, was ‘The team! The team! The team!’ Hardly athletically gifted, I never quite understood the sentiment; Especially, when our football team would chant it in the huddle. Why couldn’t we channel the Mighty Titans instead?

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She's the First Sponsors Girls Education to Break the Cycle of Poverty

Each time I hear an insight that deeply moves me I write it on a small piece of paper and tape it to my mirror. The latest is from Tammy Tibetts, the Founder and President of She’s the First, when she said: “Your 29-year-old self is out there, and she’s doing amazing things.” Tammy’s insight is an exceptional representation of the opportunity She’s the First provides for young girls.

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