Seedling Relies on Childhood Curiosity to Inspire a Creative Team

On a recent flight home, I spent over an hour browsing a children’s play website, completely enamored by sets like Design Your Own Superhero Cape and Invent Your Own Insects. After sharing Seedling with everyone I know, despite few of my friends having children, I wondered why the brand struck a such a meaningful chord with me.

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Tinkergarten Reignites Childhood Play with Outdoor Community Classes

One of the most impactful insights I’ve learned about finding our calling stems from Scott Belsky, the Founder of Behance, when he said: “Success lies in the intersection of three things; Genuine interest, skills and opportunities.” Parents, passionate educators and now the founders of Tinkergarten, husband-wife duo Meghan and Brian Fitzgerald are the perfect representation of Scott’s advice.

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She's the First Sponsors Girls Education to Break the Cycle of Poverty

Each time I hear an insight that deeply moves me I write it on a small piece of paper and tape it to my mirror. The latest is from Tammy Tibetts, the Founder and President of She’s the First, when she said: “Your 29-year-old self is out there, and she’s doing amazing things.” Tammy’s insight is an exceptional representation of the opportunity She’s the First provides for young girls.

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Make School Pioneers a New Frontier for Computer Science Education

As immersive education startup AltSchool announces an exciting $100 million Series B, it’s become increasingly clear that integrating technology into traditional education is vital. The foundation of AltSchool is simple. Make education customizable, immersive, non-restrictive, and most importantly, scalable. Max Ventilla, the company’s Founder and CEO, started the school to resurrect education from the 19th century.

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How AltSchool is Powering Education with Data

The most memorable part of my education is the buzzing notification I receive each morning alerting me of a new text from Mrs.Nordenger, The Director of Community Service at my high school. Whether she was baking me special gluten free brownies or letting me turn her office into my second home,

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How to Give and Receive Feedback

Research continues to indicate that in addition to having clear goals, and a healthy dose of challenge, direct and immediate feedback is one of the essential components of optimal performance, or as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi popularized, the state of ‘flow.’ Such a state may be rare for...

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