How Exo is Taking Cricket Flour Mainstream

If you follow Exo on Instagram, you’ve encountered photos of customers enjoying their cricket flour protein bars in a variety of delicious combinations. Founded in 2014, the New York startup pioneering the education and consumption of cricket flour, as well as insect protein at large, has cultivated a significant following much faster than the founders were expecting.

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AccelFoods Pioneers the Future of Food

What do coconut caramels, dairy free ice cream, and dark chocolate almond butter have in common? Aside from enticing your sweet tooth, they are all products that have received investments by AccelFoods: A three-year-old investment fund for food startups. Founders and Managing Partners Lauren Jupiter and Jordan Gaspar were one of our first 33founders interviews in 2014.

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How Inclusion Made Food52 the Web’s Hungriest Community

Before launching Food52, Amanda Hesser, and Merrill Stubbs spent their nights and weekends testing over 1,400 recipes for The Essential New York Times Cookbook: Classic Recipes for a New Century. The experience laid the foundation for their co-founder relationship which is as fluid as the ebbs and flows of two chefs collaborating in the kitchen.

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Ice Cream So Good You Should Eat it For Breakfast

Crista Freeman’s favorite quote is “Be so great they can’t ignore you.” While Steve Martin’s insight resonates with many of us, it’s especially fitting to the Phin & Phebes story, an ice cream company Crista started alongside her co-founder Jess Eddy. Greater than my love of dessert (Yes, there are things I love more than chocolate), is a deep-seeded passion for using real ingredients to cook our meals.

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How Four Sigma Foods Became an International Brand

Every time my mom and I have a spur of the moment revelation we call it a God shot, a term we learned from Maria Shriver. Whether it’s a new way to use cacao butter or an exciting potential interview (priorities people!), we call them God shots because we always experiment with them.

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The Future of Protein

While most 21 year olds spend their Friday nights sipping drinks at local bars or going to parties, I spend mine making homemade nut butter. Thus you can only imagine my delight meeting Greg Sewitz and Gabi Lewis who are pioneering the next generation of healthy protein bars with their New York startup Exo Protein.

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Aging Gracefully and Strong

The first time I sat down with Dr.Melinda Silva she was handing me a 100 page packet detailing 37 plus food allergies and describing leaky gut syndrome - Two topics I was surprisingly eager to discuss. Having suffered from undiagnosed food allergies from age 4, my mom...

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How to Scale a Food Startup

When a dear friend of mine shared her desire to sell her nutritious meal replacement cookies my first thought was to drive to our local Whole Foods and do a product sampling. Before I could even get my car keys, we quickly learned of the many unexpected hurdles

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