How New York Startup Sherpaa is Championing the Future of Healthcare

Think back to the last time you went to the doctors office, or worse the ER. How long were you sitting in the loud, crowded waiting room before having your condition diagnosed?
Imagine if you could reach out to a doctor and have your medical questions answered via phone. Even better, the interaction would be covered by your insurance provider.

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How Wellframe is Leveraging Technology to Scale Personalized Patient Care

Whether you’re a 20-year-old body builder or a 90-year-old grandparent, we can all benefit from on-demand medical advice spanning past self-diagnoses we make on WebMD. Be it the common cold or something more serious, the ability to speak with a medical professional when you need advice - particularly if you have pressing health conditions - is an enormous relief for everyone in the family.

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One Drop Debuts to Simplify Diabetes

It’s an exciting time for mobile health as One Drop, an application empowering individuals to “get diabetes right,” debuts in the app store. "It’s about living your life, not living with diabetes," Jeff on letting go of the stigma of being sick. In his pitch at The 2015 Launch Festival, Founder and CEO of Jeff Dachis, shared One Drop and his drive to simplify how diabetics track and measure their glucose and activity levels.

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Pioneering the Missing Link in the Health Industry

I recently had an inspiring conversation with a student from Stanford about how different the world would be if the brilliant minds working on startups were brought together to solve global problems. Justin’s insight stayed with me. Ironically, I’d just interviewed William King, the Founder and CEO of Zephyr Health, who’s doing just that.

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The Future of Protein

While most 21 year olds spend their Friday nights sipping drinks at local bars or going to parties, I spend mine making homemade nut butter. Thus you can only imagine my delight meeting Greg Sewitz and Gabi Lewis who are pioneering the next generation of healthy protein bars with their New York startup Exo Protein.

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Aging Gracefully and Strong

The first time I sat down with Dr.Melinda Silva she was handing me a 100 page packet detailing 37 plus food allergies and describing leaky gut syndrome - Two topics I was surprisingly eager to discuss. Having suffered from undiagnosed food allergies from age 4, my mom...

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