Seedling Relies on Childhood Curiosity to Inspire a Creative Team

On a recent flight home, I spent over an hour browsing a children’s play website, completely enamored by sets like Design Your Own Superhero Cape and Invent Your Own Insects. After sharing Seedling with everyone I know, despite few of my friends having children, I wondered why the brand struck a such a meaningful chord with me.

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Why Five Founders Made the Decision to 'Choose Must'

The ‘A-ha moment’ in my shift to adulthood (Translation: Post Grad life) was reading Elle Luna’s story The Crossroads of Should and Must. I stumbled on Elle’s narrative while dealing with one of my then weekly quarter life crises. Her invigorating call to choose must - “the intuition that explodes inside of us” -  put my existential fears in perspective.

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Why Jonathon Triest is Following His Must with Ludlow Ventures

One of the greatest days of our lives is when we stop subscribing to what we should be doing and start living our Must. I learned this lesson from Elle Luna, an artist and designer who shares her story leaving her job as a designer at Mailbox, in The First Round Review. She previously worked on redesigning Uber’s mobile app and spent time at Medium as well.

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Productivity Hacks for Startup Founders

The number of times my dad said “It’s a marathon, not a race, Jenna” during the beginning of my time at 33voices is equivalent to the amount of times Elrich proclaims he founded Aviato on HBO’s Silicon Valley. Despite everyone’s advice to take it easy after an accelerated senior year, I started working at 5 a.m. the Monday after graduation.

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9 Quotes I Posted on My Wall From My Interview with David Tisch

On the real story of building a tech startup: “Deep, deep uncertainty. Every minute of every day.” On overcoming uncertainty: “Every single piece of it is ripe with insecurity and your job as a founder is to fight all of that. Stay optimistic, be confident, lead, and put the company in a position to succeed.”

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How to Come to Terms With The Unknown

When I was 17, my friend asked me if I ever wondered about the meaning of life. Essentially, he explained, he was inquiring if I knew why we were here and what we needed to do to be happy. Taking that my teenage self was more concerned with figuring out how to get my AP Lit teacher to respect me even the slightest bit, I told him I wasn’t sure and we moved on.

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Eight Quotes I'm Grateful For This Year

While most teenage confessions are about sneaking out past curfew or cutting class mine was an unhealthy addiction to personal growth quotes. Albeit the occasional cheesy one (think the classic “Live, Love, Laugh” Pinterest decal), I’ve always tried to be the best version of myself.

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Founders Share Their Most Important Lesson From Year One

Two months is the average time it takes me to listen to my dad’s advice. Taking that I inherited his stubbornness, my favorite part of our relationship is his patience to impart the same helpful insights again and again until I start practicing them. Working with my dad is one of my highest blessings and the best career advice he’s given me

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October's Starting Line Up

From coding schools to visual shopping apps, and Fortune 50 companies October was an incredibly special month in the 33voices community. Here are the conversations that had our viewers talking this month:

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