How to Build a Team That Aspires for Greatness

When Adam Liebman plays basketball, all he does is shoot three-pointers. “I’ll pretty much shoot three-pointers from anywhere on the court. Once we cross half court, I’m in my range. I’m never afraid to pull the trigger,” he said, reflecting on his fantasy game with Lebron James.

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The Scientific Case For Happiness: How to Rewire Your Brain and Take Control of Your Life

In an average day, I convince myself that I have at least three disorders. I am a self-diagnosed hypochondriac. Yes, I see the irony here. Ranging from the serious - Will these voices in my head ever stop? - to the non-serious - Why did I ask that interview question? - I often engage in what Paige Craig, an investor at Arena Ventures, has identified as “Creative Destruction.”

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Why Five Founders Made the Decision to 'Choose Must'

The ‘A-ha moment’ in my shift to adulthood (Translation: Post Grad life) was reading Elle Luna’s story The Crossroads of Should and Must. I stumbled on Elle’s narrative while dealing with one of my then weekly quarter life crises. Her invigorating call to choose must - “the intuition that explodes inside of us” -  put my existential fears in perspective.

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Eight Quotes I'm Grateful For This Year

While most teenage confessions are about sneaking out past curfew or cutting class mine was an unhealthy addiction to personal growth quotes. Albeit the occasional cheesy one (think the classic “Live, Love, Laugh” Pinterest decal), I’ve always tried to be the best version of myself.

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10 Tips to Remember When Setting Fall Goals

1. As you evolve your business, too much precision in your planning is a bad thing. Be clear on your most important outcomes instead. - Inspired by Roger McNamee, Founder of Elevation Partners 2. Next time someone asks you “what do you do?” capture

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The Business Case for Joy

One of the great management lessons that I learned early in my career can be captured by this simple metaphor - Running a business is like riding a bike; the moment you stop peddling, you’ll fall off. Certainly, that’s as applicable to life as it is to business, still unless you create the conditions...

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