The Crucial Case for Founders to Detach: Why Realizing Her Business Isn't Her Lifeblood Made Kellee Khalil a Stronger CEO

Each time I have a conversation with my friend Kellee Khalil, the Founder and CEO of Loverly, I walk away a more well-rounded individual. Whether it’s watching her light up as she talks about her nieces and nephews or hearing the fire in her voice when she discusses Loverly’s work executing WWD - Wedding World Domination - she always motivates me to make my dreams a reality and to never take no for an answer.

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Why Five Founders Made the Decision to 'Choose Must'

The ‘A-ha moment’ in my shift to adulthood (Translation: Post Grad life) was reading Elle Luna’s story The Crossroads of Should and Must. I stumbled on Elle’s narrative while dealing with one of my then weekly quarter life crises. Her invigorating call to choose must - “the intuition that explodes inside of us” -  put my existential fears in perspective.

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Cultivating the Courage to Take the Buzzer Shot

Each time I challenge my dad’s insight to “enjoy the process,” he reminds me,“It doesn’t matter how many home runs I hit. It matters how many times I step up to the plate.” The sentiment echoes the advice my friend William King, the Founder and CEO of Zephyr Health, gives to young startups: Fire a lot of bullets and then shoot the canon.

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How to Overcome Uncertainity

I don’t usually get nervous before my interviews, but I’d be lying if I said I walked into my conversation with David Tisch doing Ray Lewis’ pre-game dance. Between making over 125 investments at his angel investing firm the BoxGroup, co-founding TechStars New York, and most recently co-founding mobile shopping app Spring, although a self-proclaimed introvert, David has had his fair share of media coverage and I feared asking him questions he’s heard too many times before.

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How to Come to Terms With The Unknown

When I was 17, my friend asked me if I ever wondered about the meaning of life. Essentially, he explained, he was inquiring if I knew why we were here and what we needed to do to be happy. Taking that my teenage self was more concerned with figuring out how to get my AP Lit teacher to respect me even the slightest bit, I told him I wasn’t sure and we moved on.

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Eight Quotes I'm Grateful For This Year

While most teenage confessions are about sneaking out past curfew or cutting class mine was an unhealthy addiction to personal growth quotes. Albeit the occasional cheesy one (think the classic “Live, Love, Laugh” Pinterest decal), I’ve always tried to be the best version of myself.

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10 Ways to Improve Employee Relationships

There’s something fishy about office happy hour, and it’s not the lobster duo you just ordered at Applebees. As culture emerges as one of the most discussed topics in business, it appears that every emerging startup plays competitive ping pong and has a 24 hour ice cream machine...

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Scott Case on Saying Yes

How many times have you said yes this week? Whether it’s a friend seeking advice or your partner reaching out for help saying yes is always more beneficial than saying no. Scott Case, founding CTO of Priceline and CEO of UpAmerica,

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