eero Designs Wi-Fi for the Smart Home Era

Nikhil Basu Trivedi, Principal at Shasta Ventures, recently distinguished exceptional founders by their ability to prioritize. “It all comes back to prioritization, speed, paranoia, and knowing that if you don’t iterate, even after finding product market fit, you can be disrupted by the next product,” he says.

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How Marketers Can Adapt to the Attention Economy

When LiveIntent CMO Suneet Bhatt described email as our digital passports, it clicked. “Our emails have gone from a place where we receive messages online to the way we identify ourselves,” he explained. In thinking about my own inbox, I completely agree. Whether it’s the First Round Review emails or a newsletter from one of the brands I follow, like Lunya or Parachute, I await my weekly updates.

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How Camille Ricketts is Building a How-To Manual for Startups

One of the most impactful insights I’ve learned from the First Round Review stemmed from Heidi Roizen when she urged an audience of Stanford students to leave room for good and random things to happen to them. Heidi, an investor at DFJ Venture, is one of Camille Ricketts’ idols who wrote the piece, “8 Rare Gems from Heidi Roizen on Building a Fulfilling Life and Career” simply because the presentation inspired her.

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The Positivity Driving TUNE's Success

When I was in middle school, my email address was positivityiseverything. Despite the corniness, it was a step up from my hail2daskins AIM (teenage code for Hail to the Redskins) and a true representation of how I approached life. Ten years and a normal email address later, I’m a firm believer that combining a positive attitude with a strong work ethic is the best way to make an impact in the world.

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How to Raise Awareness and Close Deals for Your Startup

Having a good idea is great; Having an idea that people are willing to pay for is even better (Goodbye tea delivery robot). While this truism may not apply to the earliest stages of your business, especially if you’re looking to disrupt an industry, education is a core tenet of building a following.

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How Four Sigma Foods Became an International Brand

Every time my mom and I have a spur of the moment revelation we call it a God shot, a term we learned from Maria Shriver. Whether it’s a new way to use cacao butter or an exciting potential interview (priorities people!), we call them God shots because we always experiment with them.

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How to Reward Your Users

Whether you’re ordering a Lava Fudge Georgetown cupcake or attending a startup conference, it's always special to click with the person you're interacting with. Thus, when Courtney Guertin, the co-founder and CTO of Kiip, started our conversation sharing world travels, new iPhones, and even the long wait at the Verizon store his personable demeanor instantly made me feel like we were childhood friends.

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How to Master Email Marketing

From Black Magic to Suit Up and encouraging me to stay in bed for the Sunday Scroll, the Tisch brothers’ Spring app has far exceeded my expectations. Spring emails are the highlight of my day, which serves as a testament to the team’s content sharing strategy as I’m a Christmas PJ enthusiast not a shopper.

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How to Market Your Startup

The first time I heard Steve Blank’s advice to get out of the building I was genuinely curious about where he wanted me to go. Fortunately, when I started working full time our founders taught me the importance of getting feedback on your product, even in an idea’s infancy, at each stage of the process (I know, I have the coolest job ever).

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