October's Starting Line Up

From coding schools to visual shopping apps, and Fortune 50 companies October was an incredibly special month in the 33voices community. Here are the conversations that had our viewers talking this month:

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How to Plan a Cover Story Worthy Startup Launch

In a perfect world every announcement your startup makes would be covered with a front page story in all major news publications. In fact, the interest would be so high that between TechCrunch, Business Insider and Entrepreneur you’d barely have time to get all the interviews in.

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9 Strategies to Market Disruptive Startups

We all have great ideas, but similar to delicious meals, they’re bland and unsatisfying when they aren’t shared with people we care about. As such, marketing is among the most difficult challenges young startups face, especially disruptive ones like FlightCar and ZipDial

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How to Scale a Food Startup

When a dear friend of mine shared her desire to sell her nutritious meal replacement cookies my first thought was to drive to our local Whole Foods and do a product sampling. Before I could even get my car keys, we quickly learned of the many unexpected hurdles

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Four Signs It's Time to Invest in Your Startup

So you’re dying to have the latest iPhone but can’t decide if September is too early to give yourself an early Christmas present. Similar to home renovations and new car dreams it’s difficult to discern when it’s the right time to invest. While you may

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The Power of Why

One of the most popular talks ever at TED is Simon Sinek’s 2009 talk - How great leaders inspire action. In it, he demonstrates the simple formula that distinguishes how the likes of Apple and Martin Luther...

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Self Portrait As Your Traitor

Like great artists, the brands we love always seem to have a deep emotional resonance that goes way beyond the products they sell. They often tell a story that impacts our frame of mind and celebrates our uniqueness. They invite meaningful dialogue because they genuinely value our perspective...

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Second Stage Entrepreneurship

Next time you find yourself stuck, pause for a moment and examine your thought process - it’s likely that your big stumbling block is caused by your own thinking. As entrepreneurs, we share the singular purpose of making a positive difference in the world. Often that starts when we solve a nagging...

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