Can't Buy Me Like

No business on the planet serves their customer with more zeal thanAmazon.com. Since its founding, Jeff Bezos has demonstrated his commitment to the customer by metaphorically using an empty chair to signify to his team that the customer is always the most important person in...

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The Buoyant Leader

Since my initial conversation with re:Kap founder and CEO, Kevin Allen, I knew he was rare. The world had known about Kevin's work since his famed Mastercard 'Priceless' campaign, but I was much more curious to learn about the thinking behind his approach. I quickly learned that...

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Loyalty 3.0

Loyalty is one of life's most important virtues and for me, it's the hallmark of any relationship; both personally and professionally. To my friends, my loyalty is unconditional; but to brands, it's constantly being earned. There's much that we can learn from iconic brands such as...

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The Barefoot Spirit

Each business has its own unique story; none more inspiring than the one featuring Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey; founders of one of America's most beloved wine labels Barefoot Wine Bubbly. In 1986, with no money, and little business or wine experience; Bonnie and Michael...

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Why help, not hype is smart marketing

In the August, 2013 issue of Fast Company, Drew Greenblatt, CEO of Marlin Steel company in Baltimore, MD, was profiled to demonstrate that manufacturing innovation in America is alive and well. In 1998, Green Blatt bought this tiny company to do one thing build wire bagel baskets...

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Present Shock

No one will deny that we're living in an insanely fast paced environment real time news, non-stop tweets, status updates, and perhaps more importantly, a feeling that we're always connected. On the one hand, I very much embrace the incredible convenience of digital...

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The Entrepreneur Mind

There are moments in life that are just unforgettable your first romance, the first time you scored a touchdown; maybe the first speech you had to give, and almost certainly the first time someone believed enough in you to buy something from you. Looking back, those moments were...

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Nice Companies Finish First

One of Confucius's most celebrated teachings was a negative variation of 'The Golden Rule' when he said, "What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others." He took it a step further after being asked by a disciple, "if there was one word that could guide a person throughout life?" He replied...

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