NowThis Media Amplifies Stories That Matter

It’s no secret that NowThis is trailblazing the news and media industry. Garnering billions of views for their videos each month, the startup’s formula is more straightforward than you might expect: Deliver your readers content that is appropriate for where they are.

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How to Benefit From Sharing Content

Aside from starting 12 companies, being recognized on multiple 30 under 30 lists, and currently leading Sniply Michael Cheng is known for his genuine commitment to serve his customers. Mike’s latest venture is based on the intuitive concept that brands and thought leaders should benefit from sharing meaningful content.

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9 Strategies to Market Disruptive Startups

We all have great ideas, but similar to delicious meals, they’re bland and unsatisfying when they aren’t shared with people we care about. As such, marketing is among the most difficult challenges young startups face, especially disruptive ones like FlightCar and ZipDial

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What Your Profile Screams to the World

By now, most of us would agree that our cumulative actions online certainly parallel our behavior offline. Increasingly, potential employers, retailers and even our most trusted relationships are turning to social media to scrutinize our actions, examine our patterns, and peak at...

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