You Have Thousands of Connections - LinkedIn Wants to Help You Leverage Them

When Caroline Fairchild worked at The Huffington Post as Associate Business Editor in 2012 she published an average of five articles a day. Thriving on traffic and ticking views, the media landscape that now relies on engagement was drastically different four years ago.
Today, despite being overwhelmed with publishing platforms, writers and producers are perplexed as to which is the right fit to maximize thoughtful dialogue around their work.

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The Values Directing Amino's Quest to Streamline Healthcare

As emerging businesses disrupt antiquated industries like healthcare and insurance revolutionary ideas will only prevail if their execution is precise, impactful, and driven by authentic values. Often, execution is a young startup’s most difficult challenge. In the words of Adam Liebman; “It’s what separates the best from the very good.”

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How Camille Ricketts is Building a How-To Manual for Startups

One of the most impactful insights I’ve learned from the First Round Review stemmed from Heidi Roizen when she urged an audience of Stanford students to leave room for good and random things to happen to them. Heidi, an investor at DFJ Venture, is one of Camille Ricketts’ idols who wrote the piece, “8 Rare Gems from Heidi Roizen on Building a Fulfilling Life and Career” simply because the presentation inspired her.

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