AccelFoods Pioneers the Future of Food

What do coconut caramels, dairy free ice cream, and dark chocolate almond butter have in common? Aside from enticing your sweet tooth, they are all products that have received investments by AccelFoods: A three-year-old investment fund for food startups. Founders and Managing Partners Lauren Jupiter and Jordan Gaspar were one of our first 33founders interviews in 2014.

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How Nebia Launched a Water Movement

In a talk to Stanford’s graduating seniors DFJ Investor Heidi Roizen advised the students to leave space for good and random things to happen to them. I witnessed the insight come to life in Philip Winter and his team at Nebia as they pioneer a movement to change the way we experience and think about water.

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Inside Watsi's Mission to Fund Global Healthcare

Scott Birnbaum, the Founder of Red Sea Ventures, recently shared an important insight with me about small teams punching their weight. Scott’s advice stayed with me - It’s the latest quote taped on my mirror - and is the perfect description of the enormous impact Watsi’s eight person team is making to fund universal healthcare.

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Rough Draft Ventures Serves as the Catalyst for Student Entrepreneurs' Success

Five years ago Peter Boyce II started Harvard’s first accelerator program, HackHarvard, and the university’s first venture fund, Harvard College Venture Partners. Described by his current partner Nitesh Banta, as an “amazing source to bring students together in the Boston community,” Peter served as the Co-Founder and President of both organizations.

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The Parachute Story: How Ariel Kaye Navigated Life as a Solo Founder

Satya Patel, a Co-Founder and Partner at Homebrew, recently wrote a post about how difficult it is to be a solo founder. “Building a great company is hard enough. It’s even harder to do it alone,” he shared. In “Startups are Hard. Don’t go at it alone,” Satya cites idea validation, pressure to perform, and skill diversity among the benefits of having a co-founder.

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How ICONYC Labs Is Bringing Israel’s Startup Nation to NYC

A crucial lesson for first-time founders is that the impact of their first hire is among the most telling indicators of their startup’s success. As shared by Munjal Shah, Founder and CEO of Health IQ, an early hire’s commitment is the only way to breathe life into your vision. “If we don’t row this boat across the lake we are all dead,” he states when he reflects on Health IQ in the early days.

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The Future of Protein

While most 21 year olds spend their Friday nights sipping drinks at local bars or going to parties, I spend mine making homemade nut butter. Thus you can only imagine my delight meeting Greg Sewitz and Gabi Lewis who are pioneering the next generation of healthy protein bars with their New York startup Exo Protein.

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How to Scale a Food Startup

When a dear friend of mine shared her desire to sell her nutritious meal replacement cookies my first thought was to drive to our local Whole Foods and do a product sampling. Before I could even get my car keys, we quickly learned of the many unexpected hurdles

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5 Vital Components to Pitch a Food Product

From Cricket flour protein bars to enhanced mushroom beverages one thing is certain about the food industry: Innovation is thriving. Although a ripe environment for food entrepreneurs to pitch their products, the increasing number of ideas is making

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