WeFestival Aims to Make Women Stronger Entrepreneurs

Since launching in December 13,000 messages have been sent across 22 channels in the Women’s Entrepreneur Festival Slack community. Ranging from questions about beta-testing to fundraising, or simply asking for advice, the community thrives on WeFestival’s founding mission to fulfill women’s unique need to connect and be heard.

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The Values Directing Amino's Quest to Streamline Healthcare

As emerging businesses disrupt antiquated industries like healthcare and insurance revolutionary ideas will only prevail if their execution is precise, impactful, and driven by authentic values. Often, execution is a young startup’s most difficult challenge. In the words of Adam Liebman; “It’s what separates the best from the very good.”

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Kleiner Perkins is "Changing the Future" with Edge

If you ask Anjney Midha what he’s working on he’s likely to give you a multifaceted answer: Discovering emerging technology (think computer vision and digital health), developing a side virtual reality project, programming, and supporting founders. Despite his official title being Founding Partner of Edge, Anjney is far from your typical venture investor.

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Founders First: Why People > Ideas

Mo Koyfman is a burger making champion. Three-time winner of the Burger Bloodbath, he credits the success of the legendary Mo Burger to “simplicity and uniformity.” “It’s just the right balance of salty, sour, savory, and sweet - The Unami, so to say,” he explained.

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New York Startup Bond Street is Reimagining Small Business Loans to Build Lasting Relationships with Founders

Ten years ago David Haber convinced his high school to let him cater tacos for Friday night football games. He also sold lighters and gel candles to Walgreens and worked as a Target cashier for gas money. The common thread through each of David's entrepreneurial endeavors was the belief that you could have an impact on the world around you - that even at a young age you could create something from nothing.

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