How Grovo Scaled Their Engineering Team From 8 to 30 People in Under a Year

There is a critical shift for every team when they transition from functioning like a family to operating like an organization. The turning point is a make it or break it for startups; Either you scale the mountain, or you crumble trying. Nick Narodny recently experienced this undercurrent at his company Grovo where he grew the five-year-old startup’s engineering team from eight to 30 individuals in 2015.

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CommonBond's Renewable Source of Internal Energy

One of the lasting insights I’ve taken from Camille Ricketts’ work at First Round Review is that great companies strategically grow their futures. David Klein, Founder and CEO of CommonBond, is a telling example of a founder who distills an industry-changing vision into tangible impact that his team can make today.

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Show Don’t Tell: Why Culture Wins

The first thing you’d see if you walked into the Managed by Q office is a flood of individuals - from engineers to operators and senior executives - wearing Q tee-shirts. You might even spot a makeshift backpack used to transport cleaning supplies.

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New York Startup Bond Street is Reimagining Small Business Loans to Build Lasting Relationships with Founders

Ten years ago David Haber convinced his high school to let him cater tacos for Friday night football games. He also sold lighters and gel candles to Walgreens and worked as a Target cashier for gas money. The common thread through each of David's entrepreneurial endeavors was the belief that you could have an impact on the world around you - that even at a young age you could create something from nothing.

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Meet PillPack: The Pharmacy You'll Want to Tell Your Friends About

The most special part about hosting 33founders is the opportunity to feature startups that are making a tangible difference in the world. PillPack, a pharmacy built for the digital age, is the most recent company I raced to share with my family and friends. Founded by TJ Parker and Elliot Cohen, PillPack is taking the enormous hassle out of calling in, managing and refilling your prescriptions.

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