An Inside Look Into the Leadership Driving HomeHero's Marketplace for Senior Caregivers

The most special part about 33founders is the opportunity to celebrate so many exceptional individuals. Mike Townsend, the Co-Founder and COO of HomeHero and a valued contributor at 33voices, is one of the first friends I made hosting the show. Since meeting in October, he’s taught me important lessons on how to navigate life as an entrepreneur and be an inspiring leader along the way. 

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How Camille Ricketts is Building a How-To Manual for Startups

One of the most impactful insights I’ve learned from the First Round Review stemmed from Heidi Roizen when she urged an audience of Stanford students to leave room for good and random things to happen to them. Heidi, an investor at DFJ Venture, is one of Camille Ricketts’ idols who wrote the piece, “8 Rare Gems from Heidi Roizen on Building a Fulfilling Life and Career” simply because the presentation inspired her.

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The Reality of Running a Tech Startup

“Deep, deep uncertainty. Every minute of every day,” David Tisch answered. Instead of responding to the young founder and investor I stared at him blankly. How does the Co-Founder of Techstars, Managing Partner of The Box Group, and Co-Founder of Spring suffer from uncertainty?

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The Startup Empowering Anyone to Be an Entrepreneur

'I don’t always host interviews, but when I do,' they’re with companies breaking the barriers of entrepreneurship. You’re probably wondering why I started today’s post with a commercial I’m not nearly funny enough to reference. Taking that I’m typically the only person who laughs at my jokes you have a right to be curious.

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How to Become an Opportunistic Thinker

Whether you’re a young startup founder, product manager or even a veteran entrepreneur the challenge of deciding when to say yes and when to say no is equally difficult. For the sake of productivity, it’s become common practice to say no; And while it may save us time and keep us laser focused, is saying no decreasing our ability to be responsive?  

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The Ghost of a Good Night Sleep

Whether it be your favorite Soul Cycle class, your morning cupcake (dessert lovers unite!) or the Netflix show you crave through work we each have rituals that can make or break our days. Two of mine are getting eight hours of sleep and collecting Christmas pajama sets. Thus it's no surprise that I was naturally attracted to the work Casper is doing to maximize the 26 years we spend in bed.

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9 Quotes I Posted on My Wall From My Interview with David Tisch

On the real story of building a tech startup: “Deep, deep uncertainty. Every minute of every day.” On overcoming uncertainty: “Every single piece of it is ripe with insecurity and your job as a founder is to fight all of that. Stay optimistic, be confident, lead, and put the company in a position to succeed.”

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How Brian Bordainick Scaled DinnerLab to 20 Cities in Three Years

When I spoke with DinnerLab co-founder and CEO Brian Bordainick in July, the company was operating in 19 cities and running their first chef tour across the country. Fast forward only two months (yes, you read that right) and DinnerLab is hosting private pop-up events in 20 cities across the U.S. and leading their second restaurant tour;

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