The Team Powering Klarna's American Charge

In a recent interview with Grovo Founder and CEO Jeff Fernandez, he exposed me to the “critical step, that starts and doesn’t stop, of recruiting, motivating, and retaining your executive team.” After having an in-depth conversation with Jeff, I was eager to learn how other organizations approach developing their senior team members.

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Inside Story: Rachel Shechtman's Living Lab

When Rachel Shechtman was a little girl, she’d beg her babysitter to spend just two more minutes in each store they visited. “Come here. Come here. Come here,” the six-year-old would say, pleading not to leave. “I have to show you something!” She never asked to buy what she saw. She simply wanted to share interesting products and tell stories about them.

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Kano Turns Makers into Stars

As I sit to write this article, I’m surrounded by four connected devices: Two laptops, a smartphone, and a tablet. There are five more in the adjacent room and five upstairs. A total of 13 for four people. Aside from basic functions like searching, and uploading we possess little ability to use them. Let alone a mild indication of how they work.

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The Inquisitive Culture Powering Betterment's Success

When Betterment Co-founder and CEO Jon Stein toured a pre-school for his daughter Sasha, he encountered a teaching philosophy that aligns with the leadership values shaping his seven-year-old company. At the New York City school, when students ask questions the teachers try not to answer them. Instead, they ask the questions back.

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How Marketers Can Adapt to the Attention Economy

When LiveIntent CMO Suneet Bhatt described email as our digital passports, it clicked. “Our emails have gone from a place where we receive messages online to the way we identify ourselves,” he explained. In thinking about my own inbox, I completely agree. Whether it’s the First Round Review emails or a newsletter from one of the brands I follow, like Lunya or Parachute, I await my weekly updates.

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Kleiner Perkins is "Changing the Future" with Edge

If you ask Anjney Midha what he’s working on he’s likely to give you a multifaceted answer: Discovering emerging technology (think computer vision and digital health), developing a side virtual reality project, programming, and supporting founders. Despite his official title being Founding Partner of Edge, Anjney is far from your typical venture investor.

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