How to Navigate Hyper-Growth as a Founder

The last Spartan Race Jeff Wald participated in included two barbed wire crawls. Despite snow still being on the ground, the obstacles are mandatory to complete. The slopes take no prisoners. “It’s a quarter of a mile. Specifically done in an area that’s covered in gravel,” he explained.

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Launch Lessons for First-Time Founders

Adam Besvinick, an investor at Deep Fork Capital, shared an important insight that the best startups are led by founders who possess a “symbiotic relationship with their product.” There’s no better example than Jonathan Frankel, the Founder of Nucleus, who created a smart intercom system to “help you communicate with your family.”

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How Fatherly's Becoming the Digital Destination for Dads

One of the most impactful insights I’ve learned stemmed from Munjal Shah when he said: “A good calling finds you. You don’t find it.” Whether you’re a college freshman moving into the dorms, or the CEO of a Fortune 100 company, we all believe there’s something more, but can’t quite put our finger on it. So we search.

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How Clover Health's Culture is Redefining Health Insurance

In 2008, Kris Gale was one of the founding members of Yammer’s engineering team. He stayed with the company for six years as VP of Engineering where he grew the team from three people to over 200.As Kris transitioned his department from operating like a family to a real organization, he kept a single question in mind:

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How to Build a Team That Aspires for Greatness

When Adam Liebman plays basketball, all he does is shoot three-pointers. “I’ll pretty much shoot three-pointers from anywhere on the court. Once we cross half court, I’m in my range. I’m never afraid to pull the trigger,” he said, reflecting on his fantasy game with Lebron James.

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Growing Up as CEO: How Jeff Fernandez is Shaping Grovo's Next Chapter

Before building Grovo, the leading workplace learning solution in 190 countries, Jeff Fernandez was an exceptional football player. An All-State punter and placekicker at Harvard University, he went on to play semi-pro for the New York Rebels in 2008. Jeff’s core learning from the game stems from his high school football coach, Jim Wickman...

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The Rituals Propelling Hello Alfred to Become 'Amazon in Person'

Fast forward five years and there’s a Fast Company magazine with a photo of an open door on the cover. The headline reads, “Alfred Becomes Amazon in Person.” “It’s about turning your home into the store. Services and products are customized to your routine,” Co-founder and CEO Marcela Sapone explains.

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CommonBond's Renewable Source of Internal Energy

One of the lasting insights I’ve taken from Camille Ricketts’ work at First Round Review is that great companies strategically grow their futures. David Klein, Founder and CEO of CommonBond, is a telling example of a founder who distills an industry-changing vision into tangible impact that his team can make today.

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