Sales Alchemy

We believe the current sales and selling environment is fundamentally flawed - on the one hand, you have an informed consumer who hates to be sold - on the other, you have an incentivized sales person trying to make a living and sell something. There's inevitable tension - and that tension hardly goes away.

Think for a moment about the last time you faced similar friction? It's uncomfortable and at times, even paralyzing. There always seems to be something that isn't quite right. You're thinking one thing and your customer is thinking something altogether different. She wants to buy, you want sell - but like great cinematic drama, something is getting in the way. And, it's often one of these three barriers:

  1. The mind
  2. The client selection process, and
  3. The selling process itself

So what does it take to breakthrough?

Try thinking like Yoda.

At our core, we believe that sales excellence starts with learning to transcend your mind; and in the process, you just might start looking at the world from a different lens. Linguistically, you’ll notice that it’s less about what you say, and much more about what you choose never to say. Words matter, but context matters even more. Forget about "the process" and start to think about what makes you - "You".

For three+ decades now, we’ve been advocating a more human-centered approach to sales; and contrary to what you might think - it has nothing to do with persistence, overcoming objections or Jedi closing techniques. Rather, it starts with optimizing your mind.

Because each sales team is unique, we design personalized experiences for organizations of all sizes - the most popular topics include:

  • Transcendence and the mind
  • A principled approach to client/customer selection
  • The myth of ‘the sales process’
  • A design thinking approach to creating unrivaled experiences
  • The most important components of effective negotiations
  • Linguistics and the design of impactful dialogue
  • Triggering flow-states on demand
  • Energy Management
  • The influence of design thinking of selling
  • The correlation between marketing and sales
  • The myth of human psychology
  • Dealing with conflict and difficult exchanges
  • The impact of health and wellbeing on
  • The struggles of business and life

If you’re serious about building a world-class sales team - we partner with leaders seeking growth, influence and agility. Talk to us.

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