Sales Mastery

We believe that the current sales and selling environment is fundamentally flawed - on the one hand, you have an informed consumer who hates to be sold - on the other, you have an incentivized sales person trying to make a living and sell something. There's inevitable tension - and that tension hardly goes away.

Think for a moment about the last time you faced similar friction? It's uncomfortable and at times, even paralyzing. There always seems to be something that isn't right. You're thinking one thing and your customer/client is thinking something altogether different. She wants to buy, you want to sell - but like great cinematic drama, something is getting in the way. So, how do you break through?

Try thinking like Yoda!

Always seek wisdom. Make calm your default behavior. And, never, ever stop mastering the art of letting go of 'everything you fear to lose'; starting with the relationship.

And, that's the premise of our Jedi Sales Collective. A mastermind of high-achieving sales professionals who come together to share resources, leverage brainpower, and engage in deep and inquisitive discussion about what it takes to master the art of modern selling.

Why do our members join:

  • Access to wisdom, mentorship, and collaboration with a roster of master thinkers & doers.
  • The opportunity to engage in deep and inquisitive discussion about the issues shaping modern selling.
  • Building trusted relationships with a diverse network of highly ambitious and purpose-driven sales individuals.
  • Access to leading-edge sales growth techniques.
  • Engage in meaningful debates with leading experts.
  • Peer accountability group to elevate your ambition and help you reach your goals.

What you'll get:

  • A monthly masterclass featuring in-depth dialogue with thought leaders, industry shapers, master thinkers who are reimagining modern selling.
  • Bi-monthly coaching/office hours to address your specific sales issues.
  • A members only collaborative space for private dialogue and community support.
  • Curated learning tools.
  • Extensive audio, video & knowledge library.

Discussion Topics:

All discussion topics are shaped by our members - the most requested include:

  • Mindset and confidence
  • Energy management
  • Achieving a state of flow
  • The impact of health and wellbeing on sales excellence
  • Building meaningful relationships
  • The correlation between marketing and sales
  • Human psychology
  • The struggles of business and life

Who Joins:

  • High achieving Sales & marketing professionals
  • Entrepreneurs and Middle managers
  • Infinite learners

33voices' Jedi Sale Collective is a community of elite sales professionals who are committed to excellence in every phase of their lives. To see if Collective is right for you; tell us a little bit about yourself and one of our team members will reach out to arrange a 15-minute personal interview.

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