Sunday: The Drive For Excellence - is a first-of-its-kind cohort co-designed with a select group of the Gulf Region’s most ambitious entrepreneurs, startup founders, and senior executives who are building fast-growing companies and solving the region’s most urgent problems.

This virtual and customized 10-week learning experience is both collaborative and highly personal. Its singular objective is to drive real results by taking you into the invisible realms of what it takes to start and grow a significant business.

This initial series provides an opportunity to access the best of 33voices - from industry expertise to real-time mentorship - while building the type of foundational and comprehensive perspective that will help you go farther, faster. Topics include actualizing Ideas, Design Thinking, Rapid Experimentation and Prototyping, Customer Acquisition, Modern Revenue Models, Developing Confidence, Building Teams, and more. Each session builds on the next, as does every other 33voices program become an extension of the thinking and concepts introduced in this series.

This is about what happens next - and because we believe a bold decision today can make history, we’re here to learn as much about your needs as we are to share what we know to be true.

Program And Session Highlights:

  • The Edge of Possibility - Understanding why the Founder Mentality is core to any entrepreneur, and crystallizing your own.
  • The Edge of Performance - Whether its athletics or business, world-class performance is exceedingly rare - we’ll explore the essential components of elite performance.
  • The Edge of Talent - No Founder/Leader achieves greatness alone - We’ll explore the process of identifying and maximizing human potential and building high impact teams.
  • The Edge of Finance - Exploring the fundamentals and principles of raising Capital, and designing modern business models.
  • The Edge of Leadership - Exploring the most advanced thinking on how to ignite greatness in yourself and others.
  • The Edge of Marketing - Exploring the hidden dimensions of memorable storytelling.
  • The Edge of Sales - Understanding why selling is never about the sales process.
  • The Edge of Confidence - Exploring the science behind protecting your confidence.
  • The Edge of Learning - Understanding why & how design thinking accelerates the learning process.
  • The Edge of Organizational Health - Understanding the four disciplines of a healthy organization.


  • You must be a Founder, CEO or President
  • Company must be based in the UAE/Dubai or MENA Region
  • 2020 projected annual run rate revenue of at least $1 million
  • High growth, tech or tech-enabled companies across finch, enterprise software, consumer and healthcare
  • Solving an urgent problem with a path to product-market fit

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