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33voices interview podcast with Prof Rakesh Sarin , Paine chair of UCLA Anderson school of management

Happiness is a self-fulfilling prophecy

One of the great lessons in life that I've learned came from famed Stanford professor, Michael Ray when he taught me to "have no expectation".  In contrast to what you might be thinking, that mantra could be the secret to unlocking your state of happiness.  Prior to meeting Michael, I felt that the only way for me to get ahead, was to continually increase the expectations of myself and those around me.  In hindsight, what I was doing, was setting myself up for disappointment.  However, as I made that mind shift, my firm's performance soared, and more importantly, my state of happiness followed.  In their latest book, Engineering Happiness, UCLA professor Rakesh Sarin, and Manel Baucells, reveal that Happiness is indeed a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Here's how you can engineer a joyful life on-demand .....