Episode #187 Vickie Milazzo: Moe Abdou of 33voices Interviews Vickie L. Milazzo,CEO of Vickie Milazzo Institute


Moe Abdou of 33voices Interviews Vickie L. Milazzo,CEO of Vickie Milazzo Institute


Vickie Milazzo

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Wicked Success - Inside Every Women

Women entrepreneurs are re-defining business while discovering hidden talents that are fueling amazing successes.   Led by one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in the U.S. - Vickie Milazzo - women are taking control of their lives, dreaming bigger dreams and leading the change towards a more unified society.  Yet, it still shocks me that women continue to earn, on average, 75% of what men earn, despite the same level of education and identical job descriptions.  As one of Inc's top 10 entrepreneurs, Vickie's on a mission to empower and inspire women and her book "Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman."  lays out 5 promises to uplift each woman and open up the extraordinary strength that are inside each of them.


"These exaggerated times call for a wicked mind-set.  To get out of survival mode and into success mode you have to embrace a new, wickedly resourceful mind."  It's about looking at the world from an outrageous viewpoint and perspective and taking action.  Vickie's no stranger to building businesses or coaching entrepreneurs, and has been empowering women for 29 years.  What inspired me the most about Vickie, was her commitment to working on herself, "to transform the Vickie who got me into this unsatisfying role at the hospital into a new, more radical version of me.  The former Vickie had to go.  I stripped bare and started fresh with 5 promises."  Here they are.....