Episode #1464 Kapil Gupta: What We Get Wrong About Modern Parenting

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In their continuing dialogue, Moe Abdou and Kapil Gupta debate an approach to parenting that's less about what to do than what not to do.  


Kapil Gupta

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What We Get Wrong About Modern Parenting

In a recent discourse entitled - Yes, My Son (A Story of Non-Attachment) - Kapil Gupta sheds a light on a parenting paradigm that’s too often overlooked.   

In a dialogue between a father and his son, the son asks “why did you {father} not teach me the proper way of things?”  To which the father replied: “Son when you were small, I had so much to teach you.  I was overjoyed by the times I tried to guide you and instruct.  But all my efforts failed.  And the reason I failed is because the things that I had to teach you were not born of wisdom.  They were born of my own limited experiences.  They were born of my own biased views.  Truth be told, I do not know what is right and what is wrong.  For there are so many things that I once swore were right.  But in the end, they turned out to be wrong.” 

Raising children has been one of the great privileges of my life; still that passage spoke to me because it inspired me to pause and truly reflect on the impact that I’ve had and continue to have as a father.  I’m enormously proud of the character and grace that define our two amazing kids; and at the same time, I also understand the responsibility that a parent’s work is never really done.  

When Kapil suggested the topic of parenting for this episode, I hesitated at first, not knowing how it would correlate with our entrepreneurial audience - but five minutes into our conversation, it was clear to me that striving for excellence at any level always starts with a willingness to question what we already know.  So, whether you’re a parent or not; I urge you to pay attention to the manner in which Kapil describes his approach to raising children - because as you’ll discover, it has less to do with the kids and much more to do with how you see yourself.  Here are a few of the areas we explore:

  • Why parenting is never a linear pursuit?
  • The correlation between ambition and conflict.
  • The real problem with a parent’s power.
  • Love vs learning - defining the relationship with your kids.
  • What a modern parent should stop doing right now?
  • Why you should always be questioning yourself?
  • The one question that will synchronize your relationship with your kids?
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