Episode #1155 Lauren Jupiter: AccelFoods Powers Natural Food Startups to Scale

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Lauren gives us an inside look into AccelFoods early stage investment platform and how the team's constantly improving their model to best support their founders. 


Lauren Jupiter

Co-Founder of AccelFoods View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • AccelFoods second fund and how it enables the team to deepen their partnerships with portfolio companies  
  • The startups comprising Class IV: CrunchstersIl MorsoNona LimPurely PinoleTea Drops, and Wandering Bear Coffee
  • How the program has evolved including a newly added boot camp, longer duration, off-sites, and continuing education for graduated founders 
  • The life of AccelFoods portfolio companies and how the team's directors and partners play a hands-on role supporting the startups with daily operations 
  • Why now is the time to launch and invest in natural food companies and what we can expect in the future  

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AccelFoods Pioneers the Future of Food

What do coconut caramels, dairy free ice cream, and dark chocolate almond butter have in common? Aside from enticing your sweet tooth, they are all products that have received investments by AccelFoods: A three-year-old investment fund for food startups. Founders and Managing Partners Lauren Jupiter and Jordan Gaspar were one of our first 33founders interviews in 2014.

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