Episode #1379 Ashley Fieglein Johnson: Advice To Help You Step Up And Into Your Career

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Ashley Fieglein Johnson and Jenna discuss how Wealthfront is like a GPS for our financial lives and the team’s mission to ensure that everyone has access to sophisticated financial advice — It shouldn’t be reserved for the wealthy. We discuss Ashley’s work advocating for women to invest, the importance of developing an ‘escape hatch’ to create financial freedom and set yourself up to capitalize on opportunities to create wealth, as well as the financial advice she wishes she would have received early in her career. Ashley shares how Women at Wealthfront is actively working to help women build lasting careers, the team’s commitment to changing the face of wealth management firms by prioritizing diversity, and why we need more women in leadership to not only break glass ceilings but glass doors. We also chat about Ashley’s career including, rising up in careers where you don’t have role models and how mentors can help, the three best pieces of advice she’s received from her mentors, as well as her rapid ascent at ServiceSource where she held five senior leadership roles in five years.


Ashley Fieglein Johnson

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