Episode #1367 Patrick Ewers: An Experiential Approach to Networking

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Silicon Valley's networking maven, Patrick Ewers joins Moe Abdou to discuss how the best networkers always stay 'top of mind.'


Patrick Ewers

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Driving Growth Through Experience-Based Networking

Networking is one of those activities that’s either dreaded or turned into an art form; especially for those building companies - And, few have a pulse on today’s most experiential strategies as Patrick Ewers.  Known in Silicon Valley as the foremost relationship management expert, Ewers takes an approach to relationship building akin to developing a sound business partnership or marriage - make it real, relevant, and always, always sincere.  

In this first installment with Patrick, you’ll not only discover the simple shift you need to make to turn your networking activities into experiences; more importantly, you’ll understand why the best networkers never really network.  Here’s a glimpse of the insights we discuss:

  • Great networkers are individuals who are intentional about walking into a room with the singular premise of being useful to a limited number of people.
  • Being ‘useful’ means finding ways to help others overcome their most pressing challenges - regardless of magnitude.
  • Networking is never about selling - stop doing it.
  • The best way to start a conversation with a stranger isn’t to ask ‘what do you do?’ - rather, its to let the element of surprise create intrigue. 
  • Next time you walk into a room of strangers, give yourself five seconds to make eye contact with someone, and immediately go start a conversation.  Minimize your thinking by asking a question:
    • “What brought you here today?”
    • “Can I ask you a question?” 
  • Those who live with a ‘growth mindset,’ thrive on challenges.  They see failure not as evidence of unintelligence, but as a heartening springboard for growth.  Use that to remember that everyone can teach you something.   
  • The golden rule of networking is that unless you’re unequivocally genuine, you’ll be perceived as a phony.  
  • Don’t set out to be an interesting person - opt for being interested.  And, if you’re constantly interest, things become interesting.
  • Next time you worry about how you’re being perceived, remember that people think less about you approaching them, then you fearing what they might be thinking of you.
  • If you have to ‘fake it till you make it,’ you’ll never make it. 
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